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Seminar 'Efficacy of T-cell immune response against SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant'Seminar 'Expression of CD44 isoforms in human colorectal cancer tumors and cell lines'

Seminar 'ExhauFS: exhaustive search-based feature selection for classification and survival regression'

Seminar 'An integrative proteomics method identifies a regulator of translation during stem cell maintenance and differentiation'

Seminar 'Effect of the Expression of ELOVL5 and IGFBP 6 Genes on the Metastatic Potential of Breast Cancer Cellss'

Seminar 'Low expression of CD24 is associated with poor survival in colorectal cancer'

Seminar 'Specificity of viscumin revised. As probed with a printed glycan array'

Seminar 'Changes in the expression of miRNA isoforms and their targets during hypoxia in HT-29 cells'

Seminar 'Differences in conformational plasticity of protein globules underlie the different cytotoxic activity of ricin and viscumin'

Seminar 'A novel approach for a joint analysis of isomiR and mRNA expression data reveals features of isomiR targeting in breast cancer'


Seminar 'Regulatory interactions networks usage for building predictive classifiers'

Seminar 'Modelling microRNA and mRNA interactions'

Seminar 'Quantitative estimation of interactions between transcription factors, their targets at the transcriptome level'

Seminar 'Application of iterative approach to build survival rate regression model'

Seminar 'Building prognostic combinations of microRNA for colorectal cancer'

Seminar 'Nucleotide sequence which is responsible for the effective fight against pathologies' 

Seminar 'Evaluation of the effectiveness of the T-cell immune response against 11 strains of SARS-CoV-2'

Seminar 'Calcium-sensitive receptor and regulation of WNK kinases'

Seminar 'Prognostic role of extracellular molecule matrix and their receptors in colorectal cancer'

Seminar 'Association of HLA Class I Genotypes With Severity of Coronavirus Disease-19'

Seminar 'Extracellular miRNAs and cell-cell communication: problems and prospects'

Seminar '9-ING-41, a small molecule inhibitor of GSK-3β, potentiates the effects of chemotherapy on colorectal cancer cells'


Seminar 'Genetic manipulations safety in the research of tumor process biology'

Seminar 'Antitumor Immunity. Mechanisms for Overcoming it'


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