About the Faculty

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology was founded in October 2018 with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The aim of the Faculty is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of biology and molecular biotechnology as a response for the demand in the field of science (research centers, academic institutes, technology parks) and various sectors of the economy (pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology industry, chemical industry, commercial structures operating in the field of biological sciences, etc.).


The joint department of the faculty was formed in cooperation with the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBCh RAS).

Educational Benefits:

Curricula for the faculty are developed by the RAS staff, engaged in fundamental research and familiar with the most relevant trends and achievements in modern biology and biotechnology.

Excellently equipped classrooms of the Higher School of Economics, laboratories at the IBCh RAS and the ability to carry out a research in promising areas from the first year under the guidance of the Academy staff.

Access to all educational opportunities at the Higher School of Economics, including compulsory courses on big data (Data culture), studying English at the IELTS level and a wide range of elective courses for either obtaining a second specialty, or building an «individual trajectory» of studying and developing a student's personality.

Faculty staff:

From the first semester world-class scientists actively working in science have been involved in teaching disciplines in the field of modern biology. Development of the educational program was carried out with the participation of honored professors, leading specialists, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the best teachers of biology, chemistry and mathematics from the Higher School of Economics.

This made it possible to create unique lecture and seminar courses and an original laboratory practice focused on the production of highly qualified specialists in the most relevant areas of modern biology.

We expect from applicants:

  • entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility of thinking, open-mindedness to new areas of knowledge and comprehension of the surrounding world;
  • non-standard solutions in response to modern demands of society in the field of biology and biotechnology, leading to global qualitative changes;
  • passion for biology and the desire to obtain new results in this area in order to implement them in the form of new products and technologies competitive on the world market.


Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology is an Honored Scientist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor A. Тonevitsky.

Faculty educational program:

Since 2019 the faculty has opened a bachelor's educational program in Biology - "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology".

In 2021, the first enrollment in the educational program in Biotechnology - "Bioeconomy". In 2023 this educational program was renamed to "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology". 

In 2022, another bachelor's degree program in Biology - "Cognitive neurobiology" - was opened.